Lucian “Lucy” Valencourt/ Orchid
Status: Human
Age: 22
Home planet: Antaeus, Anmore System
Bio: Programmer (Recently Fired). Son of Madeline Orchid and Fredrick Valencourt.

Madeline Orchid
Status: Human
Age: 51
Home Planet: Antaeus, Anmore System
Occupation: CEO and founder of Orchid Corporation

Fredrick Valencourt
Status: Human
Age: 54
Home Planet: Pythios

Wesley “Wes”
Status: Human
Age: 24
Home Planet: Daedalus
Occupation: Developer, Founder of “Whitty” Startup

Status: Human
Age: 24
Home Planet: Daedalus
Occupation: Vice founder of “Whitty” Startup.



Galiano Galaxy

Planets within the system:

Solar System: Anmore 
Planets: Antaeus

Solar System: Barnet
Planets: Pythios, Daedalus

Solar System: Sasamat System

IOCO research Station


Galiano Galactic Alliance (GGA)

The main political group that oversees the law and order of the galaxy. The GGA oversees many governments, boards, and councils that work to keep the people of the galaxy safe to a standard. 



The Arbutus
The Arbutus is a luxury cruise ship owned by Belcarra. It’s known for its gargantuan size and scale, and its over-the-top extravagance. It’s the jewel in Belcarra’s fleet, and is often the location of elaborate trade shows and showcases.  

IOCO Station
IOCO is a isolated research station located in the Sasamat Solar system. It’s largely funded out of Galiano University. It’s purpose is to create technology that is easily accessible and useful to the disadvantaged in the galaxy. The station is also the only place in the galaxy where Grey Robots are allowed to legally live. 



Tech mega-corporation based on Antaeus. A company with massive industry control and political influence. The younger, hipper rival company of Belcarra. 

Tech-mega corporation with industry control and influence to rival Orchid. Run by the 200 year old CEO, Byron Barracuda, who is mostly kept alive at this point thanks to the wonders of modern technology.


A tiny startup company that’s the brainchild of (mostly) Wes and (partially) Kale. Whitty has big goals, big egos, and little in the realm of realistic plans or usable products. They expect to land a million credit contract with Belcarra.