chapter 1: larval

Word Count: 2457
Age Rating: Teen
Content Warning: None
Summary: Lucian is ten years old and hates his mom.

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chapter 2: pupa

Word Count: 9022
Age Rating: Teen
Content Warning: Domestic Violence, Bullying, Drug Use.
Summary: Lucian is thirteen years old, and goes to visit his estranged father on his home planet.

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chapter 3: chrysalis part 1

Word Count: 4584
Age Rating: Older Teen
Content Warning: Sexually Suggestive content, Bullying, Drug Use.
Summary: Lucian is fifteen when he has to switch schools.

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chapter 3:chrysalis part 2

Title: Metamorphosis Chapter 3: Chrysalis part 2
Word Count: 8907
Age Rating: Older Teen
Content Warning: Sexually Suggestive content, Drug Use.
Summary: Lucian is two months away from graduation when he arranges the Rowing Club’s senior prank.

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