Interested in translating Electric Bones? 

If you are interested in translating Electric Bones, please know that we would like everything to be hosted here on our website to keep everything in one place.


Some initial guidelines:

  • We can only upload one version of each language, therefore each language slot will be first come/first serve.
  • You do not need to wait for permission for us to start translating, as sometimes it is difficult for us to reply to many emails.
  • We will begin uploading your translation when there are at least 20 pages to upload.
  • We do expect some level of quality in order to upload it to the site, so please only apply if you already have experience scanlating, editing and translating comics.
  • When translations begin being posted on the site, we will list here on this page which languages slots are currently taken.
  • If you are an interested translator and the language you want to translate for hasn’t been updated in 2 months, feel free to send us a message to take over the translation.
  • We may take an amount of time before we upload your translated pages, but we will try our best. We will reply to your email when we do so.


Notes for translators:

  • The font we use for the comic text is “Helsinki”, but this font may not support other language characters. In this case, feel free to branch out to other comic fonts. The font we use for headings is called “Jura”.
  • We cannot provide text-less versions of the comic pages. Please save the pages off the website.
  • We suggest using photoshop to edit the pages.
  • For a better synergy between your edited text and art, We suggest resizing the comic images on the size to 2x; edit and put the text on them, and then shrink them back down to 675px width.
  • Please send us the pages in a zip or google drive link.

If everything here sounds good to you, you can begin sending your comic pages to our email: electricbones.hb @


Current Translation Languages: